Chris R. is the FAVA‘s president and an awkward mixture of undergrad and grad student of English and Film Studies. As she is held together by even parts of books, coffee and overanalysing, you’re most likely to encounter her somewhere around the ES, lost in a book or on a stroll or hike. Her current life’s mission is to find a conclusive answer to the dreaded question: “but what are you going to do after your studies?” (as long as it involves language(s) in some way, shape or form though, she will be overjoyed). While – like probably every English student in known history – she suffers from severe imposter syndrome, you’re still more than welcome to approach her with any of your concerns or questions (she has not been known to bite).


Chris(tian) is the current vice president of the FAVA but started as one of the party planners when he joined them in the beginning of 2021. He is an undergraduate student of English (major) and French (minor) Literature and Linguistics. He very much likes cracking jokes as well as brightening up your day with them. He‘s always prepared to lend you a sympathetic ear. Besides that, he enjoys going for a run outside to balance things out.


Luca is the current co-head of the party planning committee of the FAVA. He is interested in video games, art, books and music, hence his choice of studying English and Art History in his BA. As one might have guessed, he is always ready to party or have interesting conversations with anybody. Don’t be shy and say hi!


Jana is an undergrad student of English and communications. She will take on the role of Fava' s treasurer and likes to spend her own money on books and cats.


Pascale is the current graphic designer of the FAVA, who, after contemplating every last option, finally decided to do English and Social Studies for her MA. She is obsessed with plants (of which she has many) and cats (of which she has none *sad beep*) and likes to play DnD, cook, and paint terrifyingly accurate portraits of her friends to hang up in her living room. If she never ends up figuring out what to do in life, she just might end up moving to Canada with Sydney and Banjo the Corgi.


Giulia is a MA student of English and Modern History and joined the FAVA in 2020. She is part of the peer mentoring program where she gets to play cupid. She’s also part of the two-women social media team; living out her dream of becoming an influencer. Giulia is always up to talk about new TV shows as she is usually procrastinating on papers and essays by binge-watching shows or movie series.


Larissa is an undergrad student of English and Biomedicine. The combination is curious but she tries to get the best of both worlds, she was part of the UZH 2021 iGEM team (an international synthetic biology competition) and has now recently joined the FAVA. She is from Ticino (yes, sometimes she misses the sun) and loves listening to music while walking so she can daydream without people talking to her; but she is always happy to answer any question from fellow students!


Josephine is an undergraduate student of English and Communications (KoWi). She recently joined the FAVA in 2021 and is now part of the party planning committee. In her free time, she loves running and eating delicious vegan food. In fact, her favorite sweet are the cinnamon rolls from white rabbit bakery. #sponsoringiswelcome 🙂


Georgina is an undergrad student of English and Chinese Studies and part of the Party Planning Committee. As a huge bookworm and an occasional story-writer, you will probably find her curled up with some sort of book (storybook, notebook, MacBook) at any time of the day. She is always looking for new people to listen to her long-winded rambles about her latest book or movie obsessions and is also more than happy to answer any questions you may have about your English studies.


Ida is an undergraduate student of History and English who joined the FAVA at the end of 2022. Her (unhealthy?) obsessions include art, writing bad poetry, and rewatching/rereading the same shows, movies, and books until the pages start to fall apart or her laptop goes up in flames. If you don’t mind her frequently referencing How I Met Your Mother, don’t hesitate to say hi!


Caio is the FAVA member currently tasked with making sure all your printing needs are taken care of. As of now he is an undergrad student of English and Physics. If you come across him, he will likely be listening to something on his headphones. Don’t mind that though. If you have a question, just give him a quick tap on the shoulder and he’ll be happy to respond.

Legendary ex-members: