Mike is our current president and a member of our peer-to-peer counseling. This stay-at-home father of none has been at the English seminar since 201X but at least he's almost done with his MA in English and Scandinavian stuff (?). Ask him any questions you might have concerning the ES, the ES Pride group or the FAVA, or simply get on his good side by starting a conversation about unicorns, because unicorns are so fetch. Mike pulls on doors that read 'push.'


Sydney is the current VP of the FAVA and is an undergrad student of English and PuK. She is also in charge of the new FAVA Peer Mentoring Program with Seraina and is always looking to recruit new mentors! This Southern girl at heart will read anything written by Tim O’Brien and loves country music. Sydney’s main goal in life is to own a beat-up Chevy pickup truck, get a corgi, name it Banjo and move to Canada. Until then she is happy to help with any questions that you might have, in exchange for a cup of hot chocolate or cat pictures.


Daniela is an MA student who joined the FAVA in 2017 as our graphic designer and art director. She is the creative talent behind the flyers you see on our social media channels and around the ES. Additionally, she co-organizes the Halloween party and makes sure that nobody’s hair catches fire (ever again). Daniela’s credo is… I can’t remember, but it was something really profound. She will gladly help you with any issues or questions that you may have.


Trish is an undergraduate student of English & Chinese and joined FAVA in 2018. She is responsible for our instagram account, in which she posts regular updates and documents our events. Apart from co-hosting the Nachtseminar together with Georgia, this ball of energy & enthusiasm is also a member of our peer-to-peer counseling - which means you can always reach out to her :).


Seraina (R.) is an undergrad student of English and Modern History. She joined FAVA in 2018 and has recently started on a new project with Sydney; FAVA’s Peer Mentoring Program. She’s particularly fond of chocolate in any form, so you‘ll never have to worry about a lack of that divine stuff at cake days. Always being up for a nice chat and meeting new people, feel free to approach her about anything, even if it‘s just for advice about the formula for perfect chocolate milk (yum).


Georgia is an undergraduate English and Political Science student and joined FAVA in the beginning of 2019. Being responsible for organising the Nachtseminar, she’ll be the one creeping around and throwing party-flyers at you. Outside the parties though, you will be able to find her at most theatre plays and anywhere good food and sci-fi literature/films can be found. When in the right mood, she is quite a chatty person and is happy to provide you with any advice you may or may not need as long as you can provide her with something containing caffeine (for the semester is dark and full of terrors).


Bettina is a MA student in English Linguistics and Literature and History and has been a FAVA member since 2017. Bettina is a perfectionist who loves numbers and accounting, which is why she is our treasurer and honorary "Bookkeeper Nötzli".


Thilo studies English and Computational Linguistics (sounds fancy, huh?). He made the shiny new website you are currently looking at and works on making it even better. Turns out making websites is a great way to procrastinate writing that paper. Thilo's often encountered carrying newly bought plants home on the train.


Chris is an undergraduate student of English and film studies. She is part of our peer mentoring programme and helps out at events. You’re most likely to find her with her nose stuck in a book or hiking up in the mountains. She thinks lit(erature) is literally lit (haha no one’s laughing), but also takes great interest in linguistics. Feel free to approach her about any questions you might have, she won’t bite your head off (unless she hasn’t had her first coffee yet).


Seraina (E.) is an undergrad student of English, German and Physics. She forms part of our peer-to-peer counseling and is in charge of our surveys. As a passionate cake lover (Watch out on cake days!), she'll be happy to help if you have any leftovers from your birthday party. Of course, you can approach her also with other concerns and if she should start to talk about weird stuff like quantum entanglement or dark energy, just smile and nod.


Saskia is an MA student of English Literature and Film Science and is therefore great at ruining any movie experience for you. As an ex-member of the Blueprint Masquerades, she has successfully infiltrated the FAVA during the Corona lockdown and is now the new head of the Party Planning Committee. Aside from planning her next steps towards total world domination, she is also a big fan of puppies, board games, and everything relating to the MCU.

Legendary ex-members: