Sydney is the current president of the FAVA and is a grad student of English and Gender Studies. This Southern girl at heart is passionate about country music, ice in her drinks and people who spell her name correctly. Her main goal in life is to own a beat-up Chevy pickup truck, get a corgi, name it Banjo and move to Canada. Sydney still uses expressions like “yeet” and has been told that she dabs at inappropriate times.


Chris is the current vice president and an undergrad student of English and Film Studies. As a result, she has a tendency for over-analysing just about everything. Besides overthinking, she likes spending time reading, going for walks and of course meeting fellow students and other friends. So don’t hesitate to ask her about any concerns or confusion you might be experiencing — she most likely had them too at some point — as she is very approachable unless she hasn’t had her daily dosis of caffeine yet (#dontdodrugs).


Georgia is in her English-MA and joined FAVA in the beginning of 2019. Being part of FAVA’s own Peer-Mentoring-Programme, she’ll be among the selected (super-) naturals who’ll be (tinder-) matching mentors and first-semester-students in Summer. Outside class you will be able to find her at most theatre plays and anywhere good food and sci-fi literature/films can be found. When in the right mood, she is quite a chatty person and is happy to provide you with any advice you may or may not need as long as you can provide her with something containing caffeine (for the semester is dark and full of terrors).


Trish is an MA student and joined FAVA in 2018. Realising that there was no instagram account at the time, she decided to open one for FAVA. Till this day, she is responsible for this “baby“ of hers, in which she posts weeky series, regular updates, and documents our events. Besides from social media, she is also a member of our peer-to-peer counseling, which means you can always reach out to her!


Seraina is an undergrad student of English, German and Physics. She forms part of our peer-to-peer counseling and is in charge of our surveys. As a passionate cake lover (Watch out on cake days!), she'll be happy to help if you have any leftovers from your birthday party. Of course, you can approach her also with other concerns and if she should start to talk about weird stuff like quantum entanglement or dark energy, just smile and nod.


Saskia is an MA student of English Literature and Film Science and is therefore great at ruining any movie experience for you. As an ex-member of the Blueprint Masquerades, she has successfully infiltrated the FAVA during the Corona lockdown and is now the new head of the Party Planning Committee. Aside from planning her next steps towards total world domination, she is also a big fan of puppies, board games, and everything relating to the MCU.


Fabia is an undergraduate student studying English Literature and Linguistics as well as General and Comparative Literature. She is a member of the FAVA Peer Mentoring Programme. Fabia is a huge book fan, but she also likes going out into nature or tasting new vegan food, especially cakes at the FAVA cake days. Feel free to approach her with any questions about your studies at the ES (or anything else!).


Jana is an undergrad student of English and communications. She will take on the role of Fava' s treasurer and likes to spend her own money on books and cats.


Jana-Maria is an undergraduate student of English and History and is part of our Peer Mentoring Program. She holds a deep love for jazz, historical fiction novels, and podcasts. One of her most prized possessions is a sourdough starter named Bob Bubbles. If you have any questions about the perfect loaf or possibly a more study-related topic, don‘t hesitate to reach out to her.


Chris (B.) is an undergraduate student of English and French and joined the FAVA in 2021. He is part of the party planning committee and helps out in the FAVA Peer Mentoring Program if required. Being a passionate cook and baker who loves trying out new recipes, he will give his best to put you in a good mood at the cake days held at the ES.


Vanessa is a member of the FAVA and an undergraduate student of English Linguistics and Literature and History. In her spare time she likes to analyse Taylor Swift lyrics, write poetry and watch female-led horror movies. She would be happy to answer any questions you have about whatever topic.


Pascale is the current graphic designer of the FAVA, who, after contemplating every last option, finally decided to do English and Social Studies for her MA. She is obsessed with plants (of which she has many) and cats (of which she has none *sad beep*) and likes to play DnD, cook, and paint terrifyingly accurate portraits of her friends to hang up in her living room. If she never ends up figuring out what to do in life, she just might end up moving to Canada with Sydney and Banjo the Corgi.


Giulia is an undergrad student of English and History and joined the FAVA in 2020. She is part of the peer mentoring program. Giulia is always up to talk about new TV shows as she is usually procrastinating on papers and essays by binge-watching shows or movie series.


Josephine is an undergraduate student of English and Communications (KoWi). She recently joined the FAVA in 2021 and is now part of the party planning committee. In her free time, she loves running and eating delicious vegan food. In fact, her favorite sweet are the cinnamon rolls from white rabbit bakery. #sponsoringiswelcome 🙂


Georgina is an undergrad student of English and Chinese Studies and part of the Party Planning Committee. As a huge bookworm and an occasional story-writer, you will probably find her curled up with some sort of book (storybook, notebook, MacBook) at any time of the day. She is always looking for new people to listen to her long-winded rambles about her latest book or movie obsessions and is also more than happy to answer any questions you may have about your English studies.

Legendary ex-members: