Regardless of whether you’re in your first or last semester, there are presumably very few of you who have never been asked the dreaded question: “So what do you want to do after your studies?” For all of you nodding along, this one’s for you.

The classic path after studying English is to teach – and while teaching is a great career choice that many of us have chosen to pursue, it is not for everyone. There are countless careers that you could pursue after your English studies, and it is this wide range of possibilities that can sometimes make it difficult to picture examples of what these might look like.

This is why the FAVA has decided to put together a career brochure with portraits of nine ES alumni who followed very different career paths (that did not involve teaching) after graduation. In these portraits the participants told us all about their careers, how they got there, and they also shared some tips and general advice with us.

We would like to encourage you to read through this brochure and we hope that it inspires you to consider some less obvious careers paths. And finally, we hope this brochure puts you more at ease concerning life after graduation – based on what participants told us, life after graduation isn’t as scary as it might seem right now!

To check out the brochure, click here !