Upcoming Events - Save the Date!!

Cake Day: April 15th

Grill 'n' Chill: May 30th, 6 pm

What do we mean by...

Beginning of Semester Apéro? At the beginning of every semester we organize an Apéro so you can catch up with old friends and meet new fellow students.

Cake Day? Three times (new!) a semester you will have the opportunity to try the best cakes. The earnings from the cake sale are used for other social events.

Christmas Party? At the end of the fall semester we host a cozy Christmas Party at the Kafistübli - with lots of food and mulled wine! (My god so much mulled wine)

Pub Crawl? Once a semester David Matley organises the legendary Pub Crawl through Zurich's pubs, in each of which you will be greeted by one or more of our instructors and solve a quiz (and, of course, have a drink).

Grill n'Chill? At the end of spring semester we will meet in our pretty ES garden and celebrate the end of term with a variety of meat, veggies and salads. Last year was a blast! We look forward to seeing many of you there again.